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Digital medical overall solution

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Digital medical overall solution

Jiuxin Medical has a professional computer application software system R & D and implementation team, with comprehensive, cross-platform communication network design and construction capabilities, has accumulated a wealth of digital hospitals, digital operating room large-scale system project design and implementation experience.

Company system application technology is currently involved in surgical navigation and planning, integrated operating room, anesthesia and intensive care clinical information system, video network conferencing systems, data security and management, surgical robot research and development and application of a number of high-tech industries. Its system integration capabilities and product service system will always live in the leading domestic level, in order to provide users with a comprehensive system solutions and all-round quality service has laid a solid foundation. Has produced 18 patents, with the only domestic diagnosis and treatment of the second category of medical equipment registration card.

Digital integrated operating room function

Intraoperative synergy:

It integrates the indoor environment equipment, medical equipment and information system, and creates a first-class ergonomic environment for medical staff to facilitate access to patient-related HIS, LIS, PACS data and intraoperative images, greatly improving the efficiency and safety of complex surgery.

Surgical teaching:

To observe the learning staff in the conference room, office and other places will be able to watch the live scene of the operation, teaching doctors to explain the process of surgery, two-way communication; the process can be frozen, marked, playback and other operations, truly interactive teaching.

Remote consultation:

Through the remote network will be the patient's real-time signs of data and medical history data, such as PACS images, LIS inspection and inspection reports, real-time transmission to remote experts, a comprehensive display of all patient information to ensure that experts make accurate judgments and provide surgical guidance.

Anesthesia management:

The entire operation and anesthesia process to achieve information management, improve the efficiency of anesthesiologists. To promote hospital surgery in anesthesia reasonable, effective and safe operation, tracking and record the entire process data.

Research aid:

Through the whole process of monitoring and recording of surgical-related medical data and video speaker data for medical research, statistics to provide important data information, analysis and extraction of medical records in the data for statistical analysis.

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