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JIUXIN MEDITECH GROUPJiuxin medical science and technology group is a high and new technology industry, Located in Jiuxin Industrial Park of Changzhou National Hi-Tech District and covering an area of 7.67 hectares (76,000 square meters), Jiangsu Jiuxin Group is a national hi-tech company and a diversified industrial group of integrating digital operating room software, clean operating room equipment, medical devices and medical logistics transmission.
Established in 1995 ,Jinxiu is now focusing on design,manufacture and installation of top cleaning operating room and currently has a modern production workshop of 12,000 square meters equipped with advanced production line of Germany and Japan through the cooperation with Germany and Japan. Jiuxin has built cleaning operating rooms and ICU for more than 350 hospitals of china.
Jiuxin group adhering to the“committed to human health and better life!”Followed the pace of digital hospital development, with domestic famous Shanghai JiaoTong University and a number of renowned international medical digitalized operation room equipment manufacturers and sincere cooperation ,for the whole digital clean operation room systems engineering design, construction and sales service has the advantage.
JIUXIN group has a talent team of management staff and technical experts which is important for the further development of JIUXIN. JIUXIN has got many related certifications including ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO 14001 environment system certification and IS018001 occupation health and safety management system certification. JIUXIN has also got many honors such as contract and credit enterprise and TOP 10 enterprise in Decoration industry of Jiangsu province .



  DAS INTELLTECHis the leading intelligent city construction and building energy efficiency service provider. The company was founded in 1995, in June 2010 successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 002421. "To make the city more intelligent, so that more energy-efficient building" for business purposes, integration of intelligent, information technology and mechanical and electrical engineering three areas of technical capacity, is committed to providing users with wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, intelligent construction services and solutions. With the wisdom of the city building and building energy efficiency services market, outstanding performance, the real intelligence won the "Forbes 2014 China's potential enterprises 100" title.

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